"sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your heart"
-winnie the pooh, a. a. milne

(art by ghosts)

about me

hiya, the name's yue! i'm a digital artist from brazil ( ˙꒳˙ )
i'm 27 years-old & use she/they pronouns! audhd (self-dx)
eng/pt are both fine! the usual dnis apply!

i'm a lover of pastel colours & anything cute! i love to draw, write and spend time with my online besties playing watching movies and playing games together (≧◡≦) ♡i'm also a mother to seven precious kitty cats /ᐠ - ˕ -マ₊˚⊹♡₊


i also work as an admin for and arpg called plush scouts, so you'll most often find me on our discord server chatting and answering questions! i'm always happy to help out!i love brainstorming concepts for fun new items and coming up with monthly puzzles for everyone to enjoy!
if you want to find out more, click here!
you can also find me on toyhou.se and twitter!
(though i'm no longer very active on the latter!)

(art by me & solarseraphim)

my interests!!

  • cats, bunnies & unicorns

  • anime & cozy video games

  • animation, yt vids, fanfiction

big comforts: stuffies, ghibli movies, summer wars, old disney movies, pride & prejudice 2005, digimon adventure, yuri on ice, mlp: fim, care bears, found family stories, yuzuru hanyu, listening to my chill playlists, yt videos, my ocs, listening to my cats purr, watching movies with my besties, classic vocaloid songs, rereading my favourite fics

my current hyperfixations
plush dragons . game grumps. hatsune miku
ace attorney . love & deepspace

comfort characters: asmodeus (obey me!), rafayel (LADS), phoenix wright, miles edgeworth, trucy wright, most of the aa & yuri on ice cast tbh, hatsune miku, stitch, lopmon ♡as you've probably noticed, asmodeus from obey me! is currently my biggest comfort character!! as silly as it may sound he's helped me through some really tough times, so he means a lot to me, to the point where i even created my first real self-insert character haha... (〃❛ ʜ ❛〃)

(art by ghosts)